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Rocks and Fossils

Nature has given us some of the most beautiful pieces of art best displayed in our Rock & Fossil specimens. These items make incredible conversation pieces as well as heirlooms. Our goal is to find you some of the rarest high quality relics from all over the world. Some of our unique pieces range from high cut amethyst, selenite, flurite, angel-wing calcite, Arkansas crystals to awesome fossils of ammonites, orthocerus, cronoid (sea lilly), trilabites, and sharks teeth. We also have many samples of other high-cut minerals. You should truly come to the store to see our wide selection of Rocks & Fossils*. Prices range from $15-$2,500. Contact Us Online or call (972) 898-7324. __________________________________________________________________


Amethyst Stalactites

Amethyst & Citrine

Citrine Topaz Cathedral
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Rainbow Quartz
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Ocean Agate Crystal Sculpture
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Citrine Topaz Sculpture 
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...and More NEW!

Star Fish Fossil

Cronoid Sealilys, Trilabilites & Star Fish

Fossil Sculptures
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Desert Jasper Hearts

Pyrite Ammonite Fossils
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Orthoceras Fossils
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Cronoid Sea Lilly
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Ammonite Fossils
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NEW! Bookends...

Orthocerus Fossils Bookends - Morroco

Trilobite Fossil

Ruby Fushite - Russia

Apatite Bear Fetish

Brecciated Amethyst

Labradorite Bookends

Petrified Wood Bookends

Amethyst Crystals

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