Nature's Finest Art
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Patio Art and Wind Kinetic Spinners 

"Let the Wind Create Nature's Finest Art" with Kinetic Yard Spinners. Extend your design and style onto your patio. Create your own paradise on your patio or in your yard with art from Nature's Finest Art. Contact Us or call (972) 898-7324. Click to View Spinners in PDF.

Kinetic Spinners

Twisted Stake Spinner

Twisted Stake Daisey Spinner

Large Feather Spinner

Large Disc Spinner

Hanging Daisy Spinner

Double Daisey Spinner

Blue Feather Spinner
Garden Art

Embossed Bird Bath

Wooden Bunnies "Yes, I am Peter!"

Cream Wooden Bunnies

Harmonized Chimes
Shenandoah 54"

30" Chimes
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Festival Chimes

Shenandoah Chimes
Patio Art

Turtle & Dragonfly Thermometers

Turtle Rain Guage

Oak Leaf Thermometer

Angel with Copper Pots
Angel & Copper Pots
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Boy & Goose
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Copper Art

Copper Fairy
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Copper Vases
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